Tremendous move on the Instagram for this Mirko shirt, was it so …?


The fervent discussion between the followers of Mirko and Marley had its origin in the color of the shirt that the boy wore.

Mirko was happy with her diapers.

Mirko Wiebe, son of Marley, generated controversy in the social networks by a simple photo. In your account
Instagram, which is treated by Marley, appeared with a muscular green with the phrase in capital letters "I WANT NOW".

As a result, many of his followers associated the photo with the legalization of abortion. In this way, the publication provoked a heated and intense debate among users for and against the measure that the Argentine Senate rejected in August of last year.

Those who hold a strong position on the issue of abortion cared little about talking about a minor. They spared no comment to Marley or Mirko.

On the other hand, those in favor of the cause fervently defended the child and Marley. However, there were other followers who entered the cataract of the discussions. They argued that they would stop generating controversies based only on clothing.

Mirko At only one year, he is one of the most popular Instagram figures. So much so that even at the end of 2018, Martin Fierro de Oro Digital won.

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