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Traverse the gold rings with a Stormwind X-4 aircraft at Fortnite (14 days from Fortnite)


He crosses the gold rings with a plane AlaTormenta X-4s is the fifth challenge of 14 days of Fortnite, the Christmas event that will keep the Fortnite players entertained until the new year. Like every day, this new challenge has just been activated at 15:00, and we can complete it to unlock a new cosmetic object.

To end this challenge, you should know Where are the gold rings at Fortnite?Something that you will discover a little below in this guide, while we will give you practical advice so that you can complete the challenge in a single game (for now, we found 13 rings, more than enough to overcome the challenge).

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Go through the gold hoops with a Stormwind X-4 aircraft, complete the Fortnite 14-day challenge

In the map below, we show you location of the gold rings at Fortnite, which will be visible during the Christmas event. You should know that, unlike previous hoops challenges, this time it is possible to locate them on the minimap (a small yellow line appears), but if you do not want to waste time looking for them, you have everyone on the map below … 5 to overcome the challenge, although there are many more.

Map of Aros Fortnite 14 days from Fortnite

Remember that for this challenge it is essential to have an AlaTormenta aircraft because in this way you can easily reach the rims and complete the challenge in a single game. If you do not find any of the hoops, we will indicate your location more accurately.

  • In Lomas Lúgubres, in one of the mausoleums closest to the mountain.
  • About the pool of the Sibarita Society golf club.
  • To the east of Socavón Underground, in a forest (it is very close to the ground).
Fly through hoops in Fortnite 14 days from Fortnite
  • In the great rock that is northeast of Aldehuela Alegre, in the snow area.
  • At the Arctic Airfield, but just behind the hangars, heading southwest (under an ice arch)
  • Also at the Arctic Airfield, if you follow the lane straight, toward the northeast, you will find another ring.
Fly through hoops in Fortnite 14 days from Fortnite
  • In the Watchtower in Sol Soto
  • In Tomato Temple, hidden among the woods to the west of the area.
  • In what was formerly known as Botín Botín / Poza Permeable, between the two buildings
Fly through hoops in Fortnite 14 days from Fortnite
  • To the southeast of Chopped Floors, hidden between two not very high cliffs.
  • On top of a raised area, stone and with many ziplines, which lies west of Socavón Soterrado.
  • Northeast of the Ribera Repipi, in front of the mansion of the 4ª season carved in the rock.
  • Under a stone arch of the desert area, southwest of Ostentatious Oasis.
Fly through hoops in Fortnite 14 days from Fortnite

When you have gone through a total of 5 rings, you will unlock today's cosmetic object, which is nothing more than a backpacker accessory, specifically, this "battle wreath" then … Christmas?

gold rings pierces reward fortnite

Now you know how to complete it crosses the gold rings with a plane AlaTormenta X-4 in Fortnite, the fifth challenge of the Christmas event 14 days of Fortnite. If you need more help with Fortnite's 14-day challenges, we also tell you how to complete all of Fortnite's 14-day challenges, such as visiting gigantic candy canes, creating (or joining) a creative server, or hitting a player with a snowball in different games …

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