Toyota confirmed that Lexus will sell in Argentina all models with conventional and hybrid engine


It launches in December

It secured the number one of the Japanese, Daniel Herrero. This is the high-end brand that was created in 1989 and debuts in the country in a few more days

The arrival of Lexus to Argentina began the countdown and finally the brand of "high range" of the group Toyota will be commercialized in the country from December.

It is a firm that was created by the Japanese in 1989 to compete, initially in the United States and then worldwide, against the luxury automakers like Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi.

In the early years, vehicles were sold under the umbrella of Toyota in the Japanese market, until later they began to develop their own models, an idea similar to that applied by Honda to create Acura and Nissan when he founded Infiniti.

The great news is that finally the signature will be for sale in Argentina with its own name, through a network that has not yet been confirmed but that would have some exclusive location. In addition, the most important is the range of products that will be for sale.

According to Daniel Herrero, CEO of Toyota, to iProUP, "in December comes Lexus with the new scheme of commitment to the environment and all models will have its conventional version and a hybrid. Also, from 2019 all, the launches that are made will have its version electrified, "commented the manager.

For now, the automaker considers that the hybrid option is the best solution for Argentina, but as the energy matrix improves, more electric models can be introduced for urban mobility.

In addition to confirming this great bet, although they have not yet anticipated what the products will be, Herrero also anticipated that in 2019 there will be more hybrids from Toyota, to fulfill the promise of the group that indicates that in 2030 will have all their models a conventional version and an electric one.

As for the motorization system chosen for the bulk brand, all will be options similar to the Prius, because according to the manager "Argentina's energy matrix is ​​not as environmentally friendly when you have to plug the car into your home because the thermal energy you consume is greater than the contamination of a conventional vehicle, "said Herrero, which is why both Toyota and Lexus go for hybrids.

Beyond this new bet, Herrero also referred to the market in general and the recent introduction of the new Mobility Services business.

In this regard he said that "the challenge of the company is to move from being a car manufacturer to a mobility company. We want to revolutionize mobility and that the person has the car he wants, whenever he wants, where he wants and for as long as he wants ", commented.

On expectations for 2019, he clarified that "in Toyota have a sustainable project and just as they started with this new business, they did with the export in due course. This allows us to work with overtime. We hope to finish the year with a record of export, production and sales, "concluded the manager.

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