Sunday , June 20 2021

Total War: Dalma responded with everything to Diego Maradona

Dalma Maradona he replied his father after he said that I never went to visit Doña Tota, his grandmother, and this will continue with the judgments of Claudia Villafañe.

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"As always, I choose silence AND AS ALWAYS NOT THE FERIRE! Ask him who told you that his mother was dead! Where he was and where I was! The theme is over for me! "Wrote the actress Bells at night on Twitter, where she also ensured that she does not appear on TV to say things that are not true.

"The worst mistake my sister and I make is to be daughters of the only woman who really loved you … The most horrible thing we do to him, that's it! Be daughters of Claudia!And for my side there is no one who gives me more pride! I'm so sorry! ", Sentenced Dalma.

The daughter of the former soccer player exchanged words with his followers and declared that it is Lie that he never went to see his grandmother, and that it was she who warned his father about the death of Doña Tota and not the physical coach of the club where the technical director was.


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