tomorrow naphtha increases again for the second time in the year


The instability of the dollar and inflation they continue to directly impact the prices of final consumers. Therefore, it is expected that the service station plates will be modified again from tomorrow.

Fuels will rise in March for the second time so far in 2019. This time, 3%.

International factors (increase in crude oil) and domestic variables (inflation transfer, dollar) generate the "perfect storm" for another fuel increase. The increase of this product worries the entire productive sector of the country. It does not work in an isolated sphere of the economy, but ends up impacting the entire business chain.

This month, oil company Brent, a reference to Argentina, jumped more than 8% – from US $ 61 to US $ 66, details The chronicler. While the dollar rose 4%, at the National Bank is quoted at $ 39.70. To this must be added the increase in inflation, which between October and December 2018 grew 11.3%.

Then simplifying means that the price of one liter of naphtha will cost an average of US $ 0.91 nationally, while the liter of diesel will rise by US $ 057.

Why do we talk about an increase in March? Because the Tax on Fuel Transfer (ITC) is updated quarterly (in March, September and December) after the tax reform approved in 2017.


Although the businessmen of Mendoza have not yet been notified about this new update, they expect news from Buenos Aires.

Currently, taking as a reference White boards YPF, the liter of Super It costs $ 38.64, with this estimated increase of 3%, will cost from next month $ 39.64. While the Infinia would range from $ 43.51 to $ 44.81. O dieIt would cost $ 40, 36 to $ 41.57


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