TODAY / With more than 70%, men continue to lead positive numbers of HIV detection


Of the 1,443 people diagnosed with HIV last year, 71% were men and 29% were women, plus 392 cases of AIDS, and the ages were between 20 and 34 years, values ‚Äč‚Äčthat did not change compared to the records corresponding to previous years . , according to Pronasida data.

About the situation, Dr. Tania Samudio, Director of Pronasida explained that the fundamental point in which she insists is to provide an effective response in terms of education, promotion and prevention of sexually transmitted infections.

Regarding the treatment received by people diagnosed, he explained that the current medication is three drugs in a single tablet, a single dose.

"We have antiretroviral drugs, no shortage of reagents specific to the HIV program, that must be differentiated from the conventional reagents that each person should be HIV-positive or not. We, as Program, are the reference center in in terms of specific reagents, which are the rapid tests, the confirmatory tests, which are the Wester block, the viral load and the CD4 monitoring studies and plasma viral load, "he explained.

The HIV test adds syphilis and hepatitis for free, the results are confidential and taking them takes a minimum of 30 minutes does not require a medical order as it is voluntary.

Samudio asked that people take the test that is free and confidential to start a treatment and in that sense indicated that MSP offers a range of services to users such as reagents, studies, antiretroviral drugs, in the eighteen Health Regions and in particular , in the services of integral attention, that are found in twelve Regions of Health.

Every year, on December 1, World AIDS Day is celebrated, which aims to raise awareness about education and promotion. "We are working on prevention with structure and trained professionals offering diagnostic and follow-up tests for all users and we have the pending task of helping in prevention, promoting care to prevent transmission," he said.


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