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To calm the pain, the semen was injected: everything went wrong

A man confused doctors after spending a year injecting his own semen to try to cure back pain. The 33-year-old man, who was admitted to a hospital in Dublin, injected his own ejaculation for a year and a half before the doctors found out.

When he visited the doctor, complaining of severe pain in the lower back, they noticed a red rash and swelling in the forearm. His right arm had become infected with cellulite as a result of the strange habit, which the doctor's report described as "dangerous."

"I had invented this" insanity "regardless of any medical advice," wrote Lisa Dunne in a case report in the Irish Medical Journal.

"He revealed that he injected a monthly dose of semen for 18 consecutive months with a hypodermic needle he bought online."

Needless to say, semen injections did not cure her back pain, which worsened after lifting a heavy steel object, but her condition improved after a short hospital stay.

The man was discharged from the hospital in Adelaide and Meath, the capital of the Republic of Ireland, before doctors were given the opportunity to extract the semen.

Dr. Dunne said the man's case, in which the semen leaked into soft tissue due to failed injections, is considered the first of its kind.

He had "failed in several attempts to inject body fluid," he wrote in what he called "an innovative method for treating back pain."

Dunne explained that the effects of injecting semen into human veins or muscles have never been tested.

She admitted that it was recorded that people injected substances like gasoline and light liquids into suicide attempts, but it was rare to attempt self-medication in this way.

Learning about his case could provide lessons "on a wider scale," his report said.

"The dangers of [inyecciones] when performed by untrained persons, as well as vascular and soft tissue risks involving attempted injection of substances not intended for intravenous use. The case also demonstrates the risks involved with medical experimentation before extensive clinical research. "

The only previous examples of semen injections observed in the journal, which could have inspired man, were experiments performed with the injection of human ejaculation into rats and rabbits.

In this research, conducted in 1945, it was discovered that the injection of human semen into rats and rabbits produces "totally negative results."


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