Tired of robberies, a former NASA engineer creates an ingenious trap for thieves


(CNN) – Revenge is sweet. But a pack robbery trap made by Mark Rober proves that it can also be a bit elaborate.

Rober is clearly a smart guy: a former NASA engineer who worked on the Mars Curiosity mission.

But for those who stole a package at the doors of his house, now he is also a hero.

"You have to do something to combat rogue moccasins like this," Rober said in a YouTube video that became viral.

After a packet was stolen from its own door, Rober decided to use his engineering skills to give potential thieves what he deserved.

To do this, he created a package that would contain 450 grams of fine glitter, plus a powerful smelly spray. The glow would burst when the package was opened, while the jet would burn five times, every 30 seconds.

But Robert stepped forward and included four phones to record the thieves' reactions. A GPS tracker on the phones would tell you where the package ended.

If I could not recover the package, at least the video would be automatically uploaded to the cloud.

Once finished, he put a packing tag with the character of the movie "Home Alone", Kevin McCallister, and as recipients of the villains Harry and Marv.

So Rober just had to wait and let the package do its part.

In the YouTube video, a few "victims" opened packages in their cars and the glow shot in every corner. Others opened packages in their homes; even one was recorded trying to clear the mess.


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