Tickets are sold for the Extraordinary Christmas Rally – Paraná


Tickets for the Extraordinary Christmas Drawings of 2018 have already been sold, and this year, more than 13 million pesos in prizes are raffled.

The first prize will award 10 million pesos to the winner. In addition, there will be the awards of the blackboard and those of the instance Non Winning.

The traditional draw will be held on December 29 through the Entre Rios Night Lottery. The ticket can be purchased until the 20th.

"You can buy all or half, all 800 pesos and a half 400. Every year we have many people who reserve their numbers." This year the best sellers are those finished at 32 (there are no more) 18, 17, 19. Many people come together as a group and go on to buy it whole, "he explained. Elonce TV Alejandro, from Casa Pinery, located at Calle Andrés Pazos 212.

As in previous editions, the Extraordinary Christmas Draw will give you a second chance to win. Tickets that were not favored in the traditional draw, can participate in the non-winning ticket draw, which this year draw a car, a motorcycle and 10 Smart TV.


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