Through an audio from WhatsApp "Cave" Godoy spoke about the attack on the micro mouth


November 27, 2018

"I am absolutely oblivious to any participation that can be imputed to me," said the brave bar after the version indicating that the attack on Boca's micro was a revenge.

If the voice of a protagonist of this Superclassic was missing, it was not the one of Héctor Guillermo Godoy, the brave bar invaded last Friday and which they accuse of being a key piece of the attack on Boca's micro as a revenge for the 300 entries that seized him, as well as seven million pesos.

"I want to say that, for the attack on Friday, it happened at my house by order of Justice, through my lawyer, Diego Valente, where I will explain to who corresponds the kidnapped and invaded (sic). Now With regard to the Sabbath episode, I am absolutely oblivious to any participation that may be attributed to me. I send this audio to clarify my situation and deny audios that are viralized where one person pretends to be me and so many others they distribute me as the author of the unfortunate episode that occurred before Rio-Boca"He said.

The viral response to Benedetto for making fun of a fan and sending him to "laburar"

O WhatsApp audio was reproduced during the program "4 days", What takes Luis Majul by the A24, lasts a minute and nine seconds and dissociates itself from the version released by the Ministry of Security about an ambush of the bar.
Cavern made its discharge on the same day that the promoter Norberto Brotto ordered to pave the Monumental and 72 hours after the search they did at home.

"I found what I was looking for. There is a lot of documentation to intertwine with what I have in the cause. There is one person who is unionized as head of the bar, who has the right of admission and many original tickets. Clearly, I'm investigating the resale. I will continue, I have much to analyze and concrete evidence", The promoter Brotto about the attack on Núñez.


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