Three new suspected cases in Epuyén


The "daily contingency report", signed by the director of the Chubut province hospital, Ricardo Jiménez, to which Telam had access, mentions "with an epidemiological registry of three suspected cases, compatible with isolated hantavirus, in an outpatient clinic with good health" . evolution ".

Epuyén reported five cases confirmed as positive for hantavirus, certified by the National Institute of Infectious Diseases "Carlos Malbrán" where samples are sent, one of which was fatal, two are still in the intensive care unit, another that was in common room received high and the rest was wiped out last week.

The Ministry of Health authorities requested the presence of a team of specialists from the Nation who are expected to arrive in the mountains in the middle of the week, in order to establish a strategy to combat the disease, which, every year, Río Negro would join.

The most frequent form of infection of the epidemic is through the virus that transmits the small rodent "Oligoryzomys longicaudatus", known as "mouse collargo" in the mountain range, where it proliferates especially during the flowering of the colihue cane, which is the their favorite food and generates an abundant seed in the flowering stage, very rich in nutrients.

Once in the human body, hantavirus pulmonary syndrome causes high fever, muscle aches, cough and headache.

After several days, respiratory problems worsen and progress to severe conditions that, if uncontrolled, can cause death of patients due to respiratory failure or shock when the lungs are full of fluid, in a situation that is complex for the hospital authorities, because it exists treatment.


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