Three children of Luis D & # 39; Elía go on trial for their irregular charges in ANSeS – 12/6/2018


Judge María Servini ordered that three children of ex-picker Kirchner Luis D? Elía be tried verbally and publicly, accused of having accepted positions in ANSeS for those who did not meet the minimum requirements prescribed by law.

Sergio Torres will be the judge of the trial, which must be defined by the accusation against Facundo, Pablo and Luis Ignacio D & # 39; Elía. All three were prosecuted for having entered ANSeS without having a secondary degree. Article 253 of the Penal Code which provides for penalties of "fine from 700 to 12,500 pesos and special disqualification from six months to two years" for the public official "who proposes or appoints for public office, a person in whom the legal requirements are not fulfilled" .

In June of last year, Servini tried without preventive detention Facundo Nahuel (30 years old), Pablo Emanuel (32) and Luis Ignacio D & # 39; Elía (23), she held senior management positions at ANSeS during the government of Cristina Kirchner, without meeting the requirement to have at least her full secondary education. In addition, an embargo of 12,500 pesos was seized on the assets and money of the defendants.

This decision also ordered the conviction of Julio César Casavelos and Paula Sabrina Torres, who must respond for the crime of proposing or appointing a public official to those who did not comply with the legal requirements, "having signed the term fixed employment contracts of those named D & 39; Elía in his capacity as General Manager of Human Resources and Manager of the Administration of People Management and Labor Relations of ANSeS, respectively. "

Judge Servini cited Diego Bossio and Carlos Tomada for questioning, finding them participants in the administrative measures that allowed the appointment of D & # 39; Elía's children to the agency, since they were the ones who signed the appointments in the three cases.

The cause started in 2014 of denunciation of the Public Ministry of Administrative Investigations by irregularities committed in the admission of the three to the ANSeS in 2008. Servini entered the case, but was reopened at the insistence of the promoter Germán Moldes.

D & # 39; Elía polemicized when her children were dismissed with the change of management. He assured them that they had a secondary degree and that they were being launched "for the crime of being my children". Now they have been tried and seized, but for a crime provided for in the Penal Code.

The truth is that in the decision of the judge was raised that at the time of the entry of the three children of leader K to Anses was effective collective bargaining agreement, updated the same year, which provided as a condition the possession of the secondary title.

"Nor does it come at any time that the history of the work mentioned by the brothers Pablo and Facundo D & # 39; Elía in their respective labor resumes they could not be verified throughout this research"the judge said.

As recalled by the Federal Chamber when reopening the case that had been filed, the appointments were contrary to the provisions of the Collective Labor Agreement, which required "that the staff designated in the administrative and general service areas of the institution had a title." secondary ".

Among other aspects, Servini said: "This report should be added the lack of documentary support at the time of presenting their respective curricula, while the analysis of personal files does not originate any kind of accreditation, certificate or registration that would allow to state the experience informed, and were not concerned to accredit those circumstances at the time of their respective resignations, merely to question the purpose of this investigation, "Servini added.


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