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Thousands of people took the shopping to do the last minute Christmas shopping – 12/23/2018


For one night, the colors generated and increased the desire to buy. The invited rose to address: indicated discounts 30%. The sky was a sign of opportunity: the reductions reached the 40%. Green was what everyone expected: the place that had a sign of that tone offered products half the price. This logic was repeated several times per hour. Outside on Sunday became Monday: in the interior, in Alto Palermo, "Night Shopping" was lived and time seemed to stop under this game of chromatic seduction.

The 24th edition of the discount marathon that takes place before Christmas began at 20 and extended until four in the morning of Monday. There were deals overnight, with a 20% discount on various products. The happy hours were indicated with the colors and took the discounts until the 50%. The public sought a price and waited for the moment.

Two women look at one of the stained-glass windows at a discount from Alto Palermo. (Constance Niscovolos)

Two women look at one of the stained-glass windows at a discount from Alto Palermo. (Constance Niscovolos)

"We thought there would be no one. It's a world of people. But fortunately, we were able to get what we were looking for. The price we get is good, although we end up exhausted, "he said. Clarin Ezequiel Roble, 35, who made purchases in Levis and Ay Not Dead.

By the end of the afternoon, hundreds of families could be seen walking through the corridors of Alto Palermo in search of that Christmas bargain that justifies such an operation of consumption. There were even some daredevils who stood guard at the door of the desired place, waiting for the five-minute call to glory to obtain the product they had identified earlier.

"We are from Trenque Lauquen, and we came to spend the holidays at my eldest son, who lives nearby." As we were bored, we spent a bit of time to see the offers and we were stuck in. We spent about three hours touring the mall, but we bought gifts for the whole family, "explained Rosa Prince. In his hands were bags of XL, Bensimon and Adidas.

"It's a real party that was lived on the premises. Discounts were extended until 4 o'clock in the morning and most of the people started arriving after 8 o'clock, because as it was a splendid afternoon, many expected the sun to go away," he said. explains Juliana Monsalvo, manager of the company.

The dynamic was the same of all years and in all the shopping malls: Alcorta, Baires Dot, Alto Palermo, Abasto, Patio Bullrich, Alto Avellaneda, Soleil Premium Outlet and Arcos Distrital; the surprise discounts were announced by small groups disguised with many colors, to the rhythm of the comparsa, with pandeiros and megaphones.

"The prices are interesting, although you have to walk a lot to get worthwhile deals, as always, there are others who give you a discount poster and what they have, nothing really worth"asked Micaela Llanes, who was at Cheeky's door.

Nightly shopping in Alto Palermo. (Constance Niscovolos)

Nightly shopping in Alto Palermo. (Constance Niscovolos)

"Customers also value the possibility of financing the purchase in installments. Even so, there were many brands that decided to keep constant 25% throughout the day. The highest demand fell on footwear and clothing, which are two classic items. On the other hand, for children, the categories of toys and technology shone throughout the day, "explains Monsalvo.

In the days leading up to the closure, IRSA conducted a survey in which 2,132 visitors participated, ensuring that 83% of Argentines consider it a good time to become aware of the responsibility to achieve a better world. According to the study, 8 out of 10 people would be involved in a caring activity if they had that possibility but often do not have that in mind. In addition, 4 out of 10 respondents believe that they have changed the meaning of Christmas and seize the opportunity to carry out solidarity activities on that date.

"I went shopping at the last minute but I did not think there were so many people, we could buy for a lower price, I do not say we spend less, because you want to take everything," Lorena admitted, leaving with her partner, David, . of Hush Puppies on the second floor of Upper Palermo. The plan was to eat in the food court and then put the bags next to the tree.

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