This will be the security operation at the Monumental and the celebrations at the Obelisk after the Superfinal


A besieged city and an icon of reference for the celebration: this will be finally the security operative for the Copa Libertadores final and the subsequent celebrations, which will have their epicenter in Obelisk Buenos Aires, as decided at the last meeting of the Security Committee held on Friday afternoon.

After discarding the idea of ​​Nation to organize two gigantic public spaces like the fan fest that are seen in the World Cups (the project included Costanera Sur for fans of Boca and University City for those of River), after the veto that opens again the Bombonera to avoid overflowing like last Thursday in case of beating the Boca, when the open practice could have ended in tragedy because of the excess of people who prevented from having the usual exits and emergency, The Buenos Aires Ministry of Security and Justice has ensured that the typical venue where the fans go to the Olympic round will be dressed in the colors of Rio or Boca..

Indeed, at 21:00 the Obelisk will put the colors of the winner and wait for the crowd to a party in peace.

For this, it was also decided that the City Police will be responsible for an operation with More than 1000 men and paramedics (during the day, 150 health professionals, 9 highly complex ambulances and 26 health posts will be used), while everything related to the party itself in Núñez will be the task of the forces, where there will be 2000 troops, including those that the Gendarmerie and. If this is added to those 900 private security guards hired for the eventwe are talking 4000 people dedicated to the party going in peace, how should be.

The operation on the court will start at 9 o'clock in the morning and the stadium doors open at 1 pm, four before the game starts. How all people should go with their non-transferable ticket and your ID, the recommendation is for you to get involved as soon as possible.

There will be a admission list for 200 barrabravasamong them the capo Guillermo Caverna Godoy, who was kidnapped this Friday 300 tickets and seven million pesos at his home in San Miguel, supposedly coming from the resale to the grand finale.

In addition, anticipating arrival will be critical because 3 safety rings that every fan should have who has their ticket. The first will be framed between Avenida Libertador, Udaondo, Monroe and Lugones. There will be a search, the entrance of people will be regulated and, more important, there will also be 200 men from the Safe Tribune program to control that none of the restricted input bars pass. The next ring will be 200 meters from the stadium, where there will be another strict control. And the last one already in the turnstiles, where the security forces will be redoubled, because there is the fear that many false tickets circulate and that the victims, when they see impeded entry, try to force the situation. Something that in the first match, in Bombonera, was dismantled with speed.

Inside the stadium, private security will work with two clear objectives: to cover the whole width of the land to avoid any attempt to invade the field, be it the consecrated river or the Boca, and on the other hand, order the entry and exit points so that there is constant flow of people without crowds.

If the champion is River, it is estimated that there will be no additional problems. If it is Boca and taking into account that the prize occurs in the stadium itself and that the maturity of the Argentine supporter is still a pending account, the perimeter of the field of play will be reinforced with money.

In addition, there will be a airscreen monitoring system, which is a display mechanism mounted on a hot air balloon that has cameras for day and night use and real-time transmission. It has the capacity to climb 300 meters and It has a 360-degree viewing angle that allows you to identify objects 2 miles away, and with the zoom you can do facial recognition to take pictures of anyone who wants to start an incident and act accordingly.

Then the other operative comes, which will unfold in the streets. From the 21st the Obelisk will be painted with the color of the champion and there will be a system to make the celebration as organized as possible.

There will be containment fences in a perimeter delimited by the Santa Fé, Callao, Belgrano and Bajo avenues, and the city police deployed throughout the land.

The air control system will also be installed there and the cameras that cover a 50-kilometer radius and send real-time images to the monitoring center that will be responsible for monitoring everything that happens.

And while everything is expected to happen as an unforgettable party, just in case you're prepared specific containment groups in the stadiums, called Doucad and integrated by infantry corps, to act if necessary. Something I hope will not happen, because the eyes of the world will be perched in this unique event that will live the city and the whole country in less than 24 hours.


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