This was the last hour of the Israeli tourists murdered in Mendoza


On Monday, January 14, with supposed symptoms of distress, Nicolas "Gil" Pereg took the police to the cafe where his mother, Lily Pereg, 54, and her aunt Pyrhia Sarusi (63) shared their last meal two days before they disappeared.

On the morning of that Saturday, January 12, the sisters had breakfast Jockey Club de Mendoza, located on the corner of Gral, Espejo and Spain streets., in the center of Mendoza Capital. "Gil" Pereg returned to the scene days later with the security forces as part of the supposed pursuit of his relatives, who at that time were still missing.

Before the bodies were found, Pereg appealed to his high IQ to try to convince the researchers that he did not fully know the whereabouts of his relatives. Only on January 26 Mendoza's scientific police would find the two bodies buried inside the dirty ground and in terrible conditions, where the Israeli citizen lived.

Witnesses to the buildings near the bar located in the center of the city warned about the behavior of worry and anguish that Pereg appealed to develop his alibi before the police.

"When he got to the apartment where they were staying, he looked like he was panicking. I tried to get into the building anyway, but I did not leave it because of the look I had. He looked like a homeless, "said the manager of the building where the tourists stayed, who did not want to reveal his name, Infobae.

"I allowed him to come into the department when the police arrived," he said.

The two Israeli women arrived in Argentina the day before their disappearance. Once arrived, they stayed in an apartment on the third floor of a building located on Avenida España at 11:00 am, between Gral. Espejo and Paseo Sarmiento, in the heart of Mendoza. It has a veranda that is lost in the leaves of the trees and is only 50 meters from the bar where they had their last breakfast.

According to witnesses, the two tourists maintained discreet behavior and cordial greetings during the hours they stayed in downtown Mendoza.

The day they disappeared they started very early. Around eight in the morning, they went to the Jockey Club bar for breakfast, before traveling to Guaymallén, where they would disappear.

"The morning they came here was a day when the bar was very busy, so we did not notice their presence too much, "he said Infobae Pedro Alonso, the owner of the store.

"Anyway, I remember when the man came with the police for the following days, He looked carefully through the window at the exact table where his family was sitting. ", he completed.

Shortly after 9 am on Saturday, January 12, Gil Pereg went to look for his mother and his aunt in the bar of the Jockey Club. The man took them and took them to his property, on the border with the Guaymallén cemetery.

According to the security cameras in the area, Pereg's last audio-visual record that arrived at his house with his mother and aunt was given at 10:15 in the morning. Since then, women have never left.

The man said in his first statement that the women remained in the place all day and that during the night they took a bus back to the center of Mendoza. This never happened.

Weapons, dirt and bones of animals

The photos showed how the ex-soldier kept cases and cases of firearms among junk and malnourished animals while in the yard kept bones of cats and other animals They could not finish their identification.

Thus, it was possible to perceive the atmosphere of dirt and disturbance in which the two Israeli tourists were involved before dying.

Along with dozens of accumulated garbage bags was the dirty mattress lying on the floor where Pereg slept. The images proved that the former soldier was fed a diet of vitamin proteins.

Nancy Díaz, director of the Guaymallén cemetery, assured Infobae Pereg regularly visited the cemetery to collect clean water for drinking.

"Sometimes it felt like I had an infected leg. He had wounds that became violet, until he even acknowledged that he had to take care of his health a little more"Diaz warned.

Neighbors indicated that Pereg was an extremely paranoid person and obsessed with his personal safety. That's why they met at home. Stoeger compressed air rifle shells, long range Gamo rifles and even telescopic sights. Police said they found three firearms inside the property. One of them It would coincide with the 0.38 mm projectile located in the lung of one of the dead women.

I also found an old computer monitor and several boxes of pornographic movies in DVD format.

According to the investigation, the former Israeli soldier accumulated a debt of 9 million pesos due to frustrated business projects. In principle, Mendoza police found about 3 million inside the property.

The role of nearly a dozen animals that remained on the estate also attracted attention. During the previous two years, Pereg even threatened to kill the neighbors, who had made a complaint about abuse and abuse against animals. When police investigated these complaints at the time, he was able to confiscate the weapons legally obtained by the Israelis.

Mendoza's animal care volunteer Adriana Benítez was one of those in charge of rescuing and recovering the good health of two of the dogs that lived in Pereg.

"Yes, we heard the neighbors' complaints about how men treated animals. What is important now is to ensure that the dogs were in good hands"Benitez told Infobae.

Meanwhile, the lawyer for one of the animal care organizations, Oscar Mellado, specified that the animals found on the farm they were malnourished, only with rotten water at their disposal and with the consequences of having been chained for hours daily under the sun.


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