Saturday , October 23 2021

This was the historic participation of Madonna in the grand finale of Eurovision 2019


"The power of music is to unite people"claimed Madonna this Saturday, in his first historical performance in the grand finale of the Eurovision Song Contest, words that some have read in defense against the criticisms that made him in Israel.

It was minutes before a performance in which he revived "As a prayer", the simple one that revolutionized the world 30 years ago.

Follower of Kabbalah (in the Jewish tradition, mystical and allegorical interpretation system of the Old Testament), perhaps the diva preferred to take her "show" at the Tel Aviv Expo, just 70 km from Jerusalem, Bethlehem and, in general, from all the corners they they understand the life and death of the Catholic messiah.

Concluding the turn of the presentations to contest, the diva took the stage to start for a 9-minute "show" which began with the reinterpretation of her aforementioned classic, in the key of the ecclesiastical choir and along with 30 acolytes of her own cult who, clad in robes, dressed her on a grand staircase.

Then the live premiere of their latest theme arrived, the Jamaican "dancehall" "Future", in which he reflects on the world we live in, this time with his body dancing using gas masks.

This is the fourth edition to release what will be their next album, "Madame X", which will be released on June 14th. and embark on a world tour of performance that for the time being only led to two stellar performances, one two weeks ago at the Billboard Awards with Maluma, and this Eurovision.

The Song Festival's participation in Europe has been the result of a long chain of rumors and denials since February that it was announced that it would be funded by Israeli billionaire Sylvan Adams who took the Giro d'Italia to Israel

Closed this agreement, which was estimated at one million dollars (890,973 euros), was still pending to specify another on the European Broadcasting Union and the broadcasting rights of one of the two themes that was to interpret in the gala, "As a prayer."

Even so, last Tuesday the star arrived in Tel Aviv after flying with a delegation of about one hundred people. Some reports indicated that when he went to rehearsal for his presentation on Thursday, the doorstep of the venue was found by order of the event's executive supervisor, Jon Ola Sand.

Finally, he gave the green light for Madonna to enter the venue, after his team threatened to cancel the presentation, which was not officially confirmed until the evening of that day and this has become one of the most anticipated moments of this edition.

"They are all champions, getting here is not easy, first because they have a dream of fighting, in my opinion, that makes them winners regardless of what happens", said the singer in a few words specifically addressed to the 26 participants of the final.

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