This was Calu Rivero's return to the TV with "Bells at Night"


The year of television began. Telefe debuted his first bet of fiction, Bells at night, starring Calu Rivero, Esteban Lamothe and Federico Amador.

The strip debuted in the middle of a great expectation; first, because it was the actress's return to local TV after her abrupt departure from Sweet love in 2013, where the alleged harassment of Juan Darth├ęs took place. The novel finds Calu from a new role; as a feminist reference and one of the driving forces of #MeToo Argentino.

And second, why? Bells at night faced an attempt to boycott before going on the air by the detractors of the collective Actrices Argentinas, who installed on social networks hashtag # See how I do not see you in response to the slogan # Look at How We Say It marked Thelma Fardin's denunciation. "There are four enemies of bolu … on Twitter. I do not deserve the slightest attention, "Lamothe said days before the premiere.

The debut of the track marked peaks of 12.5 rating points at its beginning and then lowered until reaching 8.8.

Bells at night promises a romantic story of 80 chapters with police condiments and thriller.

Accused unjustly for the death of his wife, Omar (Federico Amador) escapes from Patagonia with his baby. Only one teenager is witness to the flight. Already in the city, Omar adopts a new identity and remakes his life. They spend more than 10 years and the man decides to fulfill an old promise made to his daughter: to finish high school.

It is in the night school that he finds love again in the arms of his teacher, who is none other than Luciana (Calu Rivero), the same young woman who saw him flee years ago. His past, of which he thought he had escaped, pursues him and endangers everything he has, including his daughter.

Luciana also has a life history: she is a woman submitted to Vito (Esteban Lamothe), a violent husband.


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