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YouTube is one of the largest free entertainment platforms we have available on the internet, and that makes its users count in millions, something that allowed the platform to grow, as well as all users who send content to it.

However, it is also true that there are many users who submit content that absolutely no one sees because of the large number of videos that have already been sent to the platform. And today, we'll show you a very curious site that will showcase all those videos that no one sees on YouTube.

Default TV file name, the site that will display videos that are totally unknown to YouTube

Curiously, there are a web named which, with a simple interface like a simple YouTube video inserted and a small text, shows us videos on YouTube that they do not have visitors, or that they have a very small number of visits.

YouTube Premium on Android

These videos usually have very short duration, and all are recorded from the cell phone camera, without editing and without changing the name of the file generated by the camera.

You can move forward or backward in the list of videos you see, and the truth is that although it may seem like it is not, it is a great source of entertainment precisely because you do not know what it is you will find, it may well be a video of a dog, a baby doing funny things, a roaring car engine or even some conflict.

Randomness is, in fact, the greatest virtue of this web, This will bring us the most unknown content from YouTube to our device so we can pay a visit to the people we barely have.

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