This Saturday they began to pave the Diagonal 73 of La Plata: watch the video and say goodbye to the parallelepipeds :: Info White on Black


Last weekend they left "patches"

While the Argentines were burning in front of the TV waiting to be resolved if the game between River and Boca were played, Info BLANCO SOBRE NEGRO, alerted by the residents of La Loma, registered the end of the first works to asphalt the diagonal. . Look at the video.

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As explained by the operator in the query registered by this portal, the tasks began at 11 in the morning. The machines were being removed from the site and the clock read 18 hours.

The video we share on this note, as well as showing a postcard of the place where it was paved, displays the contrast between the paving stones of the founding era and the raw material that will cover them forever after more than a century.

The measure, as it is public knowledge, has aroused a strong debate and many criticisms to references of urbanism, residents and neighbors and prominent personalities of the city.


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