This is why the Infinite Halo has been postponed


There will be no information from Halo Infinite on XO18

Although it was poorly advertised in E3 2018fans of the series Halo They have been wondering for several years what will be the next Master Chief game. We've just shown a teaser, but we still do not see it as such. The reason why there was no news after Halo 5: Guardians, is because the studio had to completely change the game engine.

According Bonie Ross in 343 Industries, the delay in the series of Halo It's because now they are using a new game engine called Slipspace engine. This was because the previous mechanism was too limited for developers and did not allow them to do everything they had in mind. In fact, after Halo 4 they had promised to change the engines, but it could not be possible Halo 5

She said it is one of the biggest investments the study has made and they want the future of the franchise to be based on this engine.

Just yesterday, we published the note on another comment from Ross, in which he commented that Gearbox Software was about to take charge of the series.

It will probably be the Xbox in E3 2019 where we see the progress of the game, along with what would be the new consoles Xbox.

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