This is the trick to hiding photos and videos from your mobile gallery


This is the simple way to hide your photos and videos inside the gallery of your cell phone.

Each time, smartphones keep more personal information and all kinds of files stored in their memory. O images and videos that we download or receive on social networks are part of these files.

All of this is displayed in the gallery folder, which means that anyone who accesses our cell phone can see all the content of images and videos.

There is a scam for mobile phones with an Android operating system, in which, in a simple way, it is possible to hide the files we just want us to see them.

For this you must create a ".nomedia" file inside the folder that contains those images and videos that we want to hide. You must have an application on your phone that allows you to create files and folders inside your phone.

This way, you can check the SUBE of your mobile phone, and load the balance


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