Friday , October 22 2021

This is Robert Powell, the actor who made Christ in "Jesus of Nazareth"


After his appearance in "Jesus of Nazareth," the British actor Robert Powell became the modern image of Christ.

The blue crystalline eyes took him to Robert Powell to fulfill the role of Christ in the television series "Jesus of Nazareth" directed by Franco Zeffirelli and from there the iconic image has changed forever.

The actor reached the fame with popular work in 1977 and 41 years after the film's premiere, this work is still remembered.

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"I think the film had such a profound impact on culture because we knew how to reach all audiences and that we were not so specific in our approach Jesus"Powell told the History Channel.

Today the actor has 73 years and now far from autographs and flashes, is devoted to literature. He vehemently denies having been on psychiatric treatment for believing that he is Jesus, having fulfilled his role.

Claim Robert Powell, that after the series, decided never again to use long hair or beard. "However, although I always try to minimize it, I can not help but be surprised that they interrupt me in the streets of different parts of the world, even with short hair, glasses and no beard," he added.

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