This is how the movie "Betty the Ugly" appeared after 17 years of success


Lorna Cepeda, who broke her with her role in the Colombian telenovela, played with washed face pictures and her followers congratulated her. Look!

The actress maintains an image very similar to the one she had in
The actress retains an image very similar to the one she had in the famous novel

Lorna Cepeda, a foolish of "Betty, Ugly," was 29 when she was called to play Patricia Fernandez, a sensual woman who after being separated is left in ruins and goes to work at Ecomoda to pay her debts. Today, after 17 years of this success, his photos have appeared in nature.

Apparently, the foolish "Betty, the Ugly" left glamor for a while and was encouraged to show off its beauty without makeup, photoshop or filters. And her followers flattered her with messages such as "How beautiful you are, Lorna," "Awesome, always beautiful," "How nice that you accept yourself as you are," among others.

Your current look
Your current look

Currently Cepeda is the same as before and keeps her hair long, showing that the years did not pass through her. In fact, he is part of "Betty" with all the original characters and they are breaking the American tour.

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O foolish of "Betty, the Ugly" studied psychology in 1997 and then she set about modeling. Many producers were interested in her and offered her various roles on television. In this sense, his first work on the small screen was obtained in the series "Parents and children". In addition, she was part of "Desperate Housewives" and some pieces.

Today, at age 48, Lorna enjoys work and motherhood. She has three children: Daniela, Nathaniel and Mariano, as a result of her relationship with Eduardo Paz, whom she separated in 2003.

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