"They were not raised in prison" | Graciana Peñafort will …


Attorney Graciana Peñafort came to the crossroads of a newspaper report stating that there was an "operation" against prosecutor Carlos Stornelli, planned by former employees held by the previous government. In a segment of 25 tweets, Peñafort responded to the accusations of the editorialist of the newspaper La Nación Joaquín Morales Solá and put his argument under control, affirming that the evidence that exists against the prosecutor "was not generated in the prison".

"I point out that I do not know what justice Morales Sola refers to, but there are several things that I know: a) There are and have not been generated in prison the more than 22 hours of audio that Etchebest's complaint has with D & # 39; alessio "began the lawyer in reference to the central part of the accusation of the businessman Pedro Etchebest against the lawyer Marcelo D 'Alessio by extortion. According to Etchebest's statements, D & # 39; Alessio, who demanded $ 300.00, acted on behalf of Stornelli's promoter.

In that same line, Peñafort explained that "no more than 150 shots of WhatsApp dialogues that have the complaint or the messages between D & # 39; Alessio and Stornelli, which D & # 39; Alessio sent to the extorted businessman have been generated" in the prison ". "Still less, the photographs were generated in prison," continued the lawyer, who later spoke of the "four-hour video of the meeting that Stornelli had with D & # 39; Alessio in Pinamar and which the two first denied before the media and later recognized the published evidence ".

"All that I say was not generated in prison and the prisoners can not do it alone." The connection with Stornelli was not invented by the prisoners, it was D & # 39; who invoked him, "summarized Peñafort, who also predicted the course of research. "In prison, you can generate a regret," he said of the possibility of using this feature to link the extortion complaint to the ex-detainees. "If a regretful surprise comes up, it would be better to have proof that everything that really exists does not exist. Because audios, videos, photos and wasap they exist You can see them, "he wrote.

Finally, he wondered if, in that case, they could "invent illegal listening in the penitentiary system." "I doubt that your best defense against 22 hours of audio, over 150 video shots, videos and photos is an illegal listening," he said. "Stornelli is a clever man, in my opinion, because he does not respect constitutional guarantees systematically. , he said.


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