Sunday , October 24 2021

They warn that in summer venues less stations will accept cards


Finally, it seems that a bit of calm got to the service stations in terms of prices. And it appears that this unstable scenario will remain at the beginning of the holidays. Of the main organizations that bring together entrepreneurs in the sector, it is worth noting that the values, after accumulating 14 increases throughout the year, have reached a balance that does not bring new adjustments to justice.

But now, what worries is not so much the price but the problems that vehicle owners are having when it comes to refueling and trying to pay.

It turns out that, as a result of successive increases, many entrepreneurs of the sale began to cut the payments with plastic from the month of September. And these obstacles did nothing but intensify in the last part of the year.

The argument that journalists use to justify the measure is directly related to the deadlines established by the issuing companies to carry out the operations paid with this instrument.

According to the main players in the sector, the settlement every 28 days established by the system generates a strong loss of profitability, since while waiting to receive these funds, if there is a price increase, the value of the fuel substitution is increased.

That is why many paper companies pose as a condition for reactivating payments with plastic in a period of that waiting period.

On the issuer's side, however, they do not want to give in: they argue that shrinking this time frame would put them at a financial risk. And the great inconvenience, before the liquidation period, is the scenario of inflation that does not yield.

In this pull and loosening of these months, the entrepreneurs of the sale abound that only allow the payments with debt or money.

Even from CECHA warned that the refusal of service stations to accept that it be paid by card will increase in the coming months. Especially in the points chosen for holidays.

"We had a meeting at the Commerce Department, also at Banco Nación, with the idea of ​​finding a solution to the problem, but there was no way out and the card issuers do not want to take a turn", emphasized Lego, of the Confederation.

The executive said that the immovable position of the entities could aggravate the problem of the stationery companies and that those difficulties would be transferred to the customers.

He argued, in parallel, that organizations such as FAENI, which brings together the Santa Fe sales machines, are already designing lawsuits against plastics companies for alleged "abuse of dominant position."

"There are many service stations that are only accepting payment in cash or debit card because this is a legal obligation, we understand that the incompatibility that the issuers speak to justify, but the sector sells for a price and refuels fuels.You can not stay for almost a month waiting for payment, the possibility of paying with card will be increasingly limited if there is no change in the short term ", Lego said.

Castellano, of the CECC, also anticipated that the limitations will be intensified when paying with plastic, although he has acknowledged that the measure is not positive.

"Suspending the cards means losing almost 50% of the operations, but there are many business owners who prefer to lose sales and then have to face a higher cost because of the variation in the price of fuel in refueling. that there will be more and more stations that will momentarily stop accepting this means of payment ", he concluded.


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