"They treated me like a dog": the statement of an employee who worked on the millionaire marriage of Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio


There were about 500 guests who were present at the millionaire wedding of the captain of Real Madrid Sergio Ramos and the presenter Pilar Rubio in the soccer field "The Joy". Everything was glamor until, days later, an official revealed unpublished details.

The woman, who did not want to divulge her name,He spoke with the Spanish television program "Save Me" and charged against the supervisors who organized and cared for party services.

"The staff work fatal, they pay 10 euros per hour", said the official, who also complained of unfulfilled promises: "They said some things that later were not fulfilled as They were going to take us in some vehicles "to the farm.

"They treated me like a dog", complained the woman, referring to one of the supervisors in charge of the protocol. He also commented that employees, men and women, had to change clothes in the same tent to go out again and help the guests: "We were all naked, a shame … it was the first time in my life that I worked under these conditions."

On the other hand, he reported that the employees spent many hours without eating and when they could do it was at three in the morning and the leftovers left by the diners. The woman, however, acknowledged that the newlyweds never found out about the inner what was experienced in this sector: "If they only knew, I do not think they would have allowed it", he assured.

Finally, he also explained that he had to sign a "confidentiality agreement", where it was established fine of 100 thousand euros, in the case that leaked images of the party.

The program "Save me" He confirmed that he had access to the agreement that was signed by the officials: "The parties accept that this confidential information is the exclusive property of the contracting party, so the disclosure of it may be detrimental to them, "he said in a part of the contract.

"The receiving party undertakes not to sell, exchange, publish, reproduce or disclose to any person in any way without the prior consent of the contracting party.. Any information acquired during the provision of services will remain confidential, unless it is in the public domain or disclosed by third parties, as long as this contract remains in force – with validity for an indefinite period, "can be read.


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