They returned to the bottom of the Channel to recover the body found among the wreckage of the plane of Sala – 05/02/2019


An attempt to recover the body found in the wreckage of the plane carrying Emiliano Sala is underway in the Canal. If they do, they will also retrieve the Piper Malibu device, which dropped 63 meters deep into the English Channel. The AAIB agency, which investigates the accident, reported from London.

"We are trying to recover the body. If we succeed, we will consider recovering the wreckage," said an AAIB spokesman in London.

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"Current conditions mean that we can only use a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) for limited periods every day and that means that progress is slow," he added.

"In addition to the results, we will not do any more reporting until the family is informed."

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The "loose waters" are when the high and low tides change in place. These waters are necessary to be able to work in a small window of time. That moment was at 3:30 in the British time. Another change of current will be at seven thirty in the afternoon, British time.

So far, the agency operates on the Geo Ocean III plane, which was chartered by them to the Ministry of Defense. The mission would end today, but it could be extended.

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During the night they tried to get it and they failed. Another attempt was at nine this morning.

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