They released the closest image of the sun released until today


December 17, 2018

The incredible photo was taken by Solar Parker Probe, the ship's official camera NASA, which has reached a depth never before achieved.

Solar Parker Probe is the ship's official camera NASAand in these last days he has achieved something truly historical and managed to capture in an image.

This ship whose true mission is to progressively approach the Sun over the next six years, achieved the unthinkable in just 4 months of being in space.

That is why, an image that generated an uproar among scientists of the general public, after plunging into the atmosphere of the sun like no ship had ever reached before, 27.1 million kilometers.

Twitter: @NASASun

Even at this distance, an impressive image of the planet has been achieved Mercury, which is the bright horizontal line emanating from the star in one of NASA's most ambitious projects in terms of approaching the sun.

The image corresponds to a combination of several photographs that were taken at 12-hour intervals and then joined together to get a clearer view of the same space. Faithful reflection of this are the dark spots that can be observed beside Mercury, being repetitions at different times.

"This was necessary because there was enough dust floating around the solar system, and the average of the photos together allowed the team to eliminate the unwanted noise from the dust in the image," he specified. Mashable Russ Howard, the scientist in charge of the project.

The temperatures at which this Parker Solar Probe camera is subjected are close to 437 ° C, so it is behind a thick eight-inch thermal shield. In greater depth, it is estimated that temperatures can reach 1370 ° C.


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