They presented the longest salami in the world: it measures 87.5 meters


The largest cured salami in the world, measuring 87.56 meters in length and weighing 262 kilos, was presented in the city of Tandil, Buenos Aires, as part of the 36th edition of Festival da Serra.

The Council of Denomination of Origin Salame de Tandil presented yesterday this giant sausage, which had to be moved by more than 30 people, in the Municipal Amphitheater, before 10,000 people.

After the measurement made by chef Juan Braceli, who wrote down the new record, part of the salami was shared among the participants, another was auctioned to the public for the benefit of the Tandil Food Bank and the rest was intended to be tasted by the tourists in different restaurants in the city. Altogether, 57,500 salami portions were offered.

The production of this giant sausage took a month and required the work of 60 people who processed about 220 pounds of meat and bacon.

With its 87.56 meters of extension, the salame is superior to the Obelisco porteƱo and surpassed that of the previous year that, with 53.4 meters, has become the longest of the world.

"Year after year we live this moment as a great challenge, a moment of happiness in which we can see what we can achieve working together, in this record our community, our ancestors, shared history are present," said Juana Echezarreta, chairman of the Denomination of Origin Salame de Tandil.

The record was announced within the framework of the 36th edition of Festival de la Sierra, which began on Thursday 7 and will culminate today with a show by Chango Spasiuk.

Visitors could also enjoy grills, singers, guitarists, dancers, chats, snacks and a fair of regional products.

The elaboration of the largest salami in the world occurred according to the standards established by the Denomination of Origin Salame de Tandil, with raw material obtained within the region, with feed based on pastures and corn – according to cattle and pigs respectively . and with the established proportions of beef and pork.

After being parked and cured, the salami acquires the necessary consistency and mistiness – the name given to the fungi that cover it – that give it the characteristic white ash, essential for obtaining the flavor.


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