They offer $ 100,000 to live a year without a cell phone


December 15, 2018

The initiative was created by a US company that markets vitamin drinks.

They offer $ 100,000 to live a year without a cell phone

The unprecedented promotional action he proposed the brand "Vitaminwater" offers as a reward $ 100,000 for people who are able to live for 365 days disconnected from the smart phone.

In order to participate, those interested should send a publication created by them in social networks Twitter O Instagram with hashtags #nophoneforayear and answer and describe in the most original way What would you do if you could not "Google" on the cell phone for an entire year.

The call has a deadline that will be January 8, 2019 and is open only to US citizens.

The marketing department of "Vitaminwater" will select the proposal that follows the established rules and, in turn, which is the most original, the week of January 22, 2019.

The chosen participant will not be able to use smart phones or tablets. Although you can access laptops or desktops as well as the voice assistant Google Home O Echo of the Amazon.

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Please note that the attendee may have a mobile phone to communicate with but a template that will only allow you to call and send text messages.

The goal of whoever is chosen will be to complete the 365-day contract without using smartphones or social networks, considering a prize of 100,000.

If you do not meet the deadline and only manage to do so for six months, you will also receive a smaller amount of $ 10,000.

The manager of the company, Natalia Suárez He announced the methodology they will use to make sure that the participant complies with the rules of the game. "You will be subjected to a lie-detection test"said the woman.

"We do not believe there's anything more boring than looking at the phone carelessly, and that's an opportunity to do against the routine and give someone $ 100K to do something unbelievably incredible with their time", he argued Suárez.


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