Saturday , October 23 2021

"They killed him, they killed him!": A woman filmed a shootout from his house


The crime occurred last Saturday and had great repercussions in the last hours, when the images in the social networks were known. A young man was shot dead during a clash in the town of Villa Gobernador Gálvez in Santa Fe. and from her home a woman recorded part of the sequence with the cell phone.

Alberto Candia (27) He kept shooting with several strangers at the intersection of Marble and Marino Bruno and was shot several times in the abdomen.

"They killed him, they killed him!", laments the woman who recorded the murder.

After the shooting, the victim was transferred by the personnel of the Radio Control to Hospital Anselmo Gamen, where he arrived dead.

Candia He carried ammunition in his clothes and had an electronic ankle bracelet, then the prosecutor Marisol Fabbro requested a report to the Correctional Service.

At the scene of the crime, the specialists of the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Investigation Police worked.

The investigators identified the possible perpetrators of the homicide, which are intensely sought after.

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