They investigate whether the parents of the baby found dead in the washing machine had a hidden plan


New evidence from the survey indicates the couple's intention to conceal pregnancy and birth

About a month ago, a baby died minutes after being born in a department located in Paraná. After finding the body inside the washing machine, the researchers determined that the cause of death was the lack of umbilical cord fixation because it did not provide adequate care.

What has not yet been determined whether the guilt of death corresponds to only one parent or corresponds to both. The defendant says he was not aware of what happened, but the baby's mother says, meanwhile, that she was forced by her boyfriend to give birth in those circumstances.

The event took place on November 9, when Florence Yedro, 25, uncompensated in her home and taken by Javier Weisheim the hospital. Since that day, the young woman remains hospitalized in a delicate state.

Florencia Yedro and Javier Weisheim are the main suspects

During the investigation, evidence emerged of a Florence and Javier hide pregnancy and childbirth. However, the dawn of the birth of the decompensated girl, ended in serious condition, and the baby died, hidden in a washing machine.

In an informative statement, Florence said she was victim of violence by her partner and that she concealed the pregnancy and gave birth forced by Weisheim. He, on the other hand, asserts that he did not know the delivery situation that morning.

Mother says she was a victim of gender violence

The researchers were able to determine that the pregnancy was unwanted and that the couple's relatives did not know. In addition, with the analysis of the skills of the cell phone, they determined that they searched the Internet on how to proceed with a home delivery.

For the time being, the results of pathological anatomy studies are expected to determine whether there are indications that labor has been stimulated. Other scientific evidence that has been requested and still awaited is DNA to establish the paternity of Weisheim.

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