They investigate whether the accountant's assassins had an accomplice within the company – 12/05/2018


White dresses, with caps and pretending to be employed of a poultry company, the assailants showed that it was a planned coup. They filled a bag with money and were ready to flee. But Horacio Alvarez (55) executed them. He was armed and when he started firing, he did not see that one of the thieves was still inside. He was shot in the leg and died. This Wednesday afternoon the band was identified and the researchers were left behind the clue of a possible deliverer.

Horacio was the accountant for AviMas, a wholesaler of poultry products from Mercedes, but based in San Martin. He has been managing the company's accounts for more than five years. The robbers knew their role: they went directly to him when they entered the company on Tuesday at 2:30 p.m.

There were five thieves. They wore sunglasses, hats and white clothes to camouflage themselves among the officials of the birds, who tried to avoid theft. Throwing chicken boxes for thieves. At least two criminals knocked on the door of the store, located at Perdriel Street, 3200, in downtown San Martin, ten blocks from General Paz.

The assailants posed as employees of the company where the victim worked.

The assailants posed as employees of the company where the victim worked.

"Horacio was a barbaric guy, very calm and rational, if he already had a gun because he was determined to shoot, but he never talked about it or suspected that he could react that way," they admitted in his environment. "His father was a cop, maybe that's why he knew how to use the gun and had that courage," he added.

The accountant was divorced and had two teenage daughters. It was Martinez's, but now he lived in Tigre. He had formed a new partner and "he was in one of his best moments," lamented his friends.

"Closed for the duel", said on Wednesday the poster that remained in the business blind that was the scene of the crime. It was there, just at the entrance, that Horacio received the fatal shot: "The thieves came in, two bells rang and when the one with the money left, he ran back, but did not see that there was one inside the business, who threw it" , explained sources of the case.

The stolen car in which the assailants moved. After the crime, they left him a few blocks away.

The stolen car in which the assailants moved. After the crime, they left him a few blocks away.

Thieves escaped on a white Golf course they left abandoned a few blocks away. He received an order of kidnapping and was robbed in La Matanza. After leaving the car, they fled in a utility that was filmed by the security cameras of the Municipality of San Martin. The experts found different traits and elements that helped them identify the band.

On the afternoon of Wednesday, the suspects had not yet been arrested. Sources of the case investigated now if there was a delivery company within the company who provided data on the money movements and helped to plan the attack.

Yamila, who owns a kiosk in front of the AviMas, said: "I heard three shots, I went to see my boyfriend and we crossed the bird store, there was the man all bleeding and trembling behind the entrance wall"He added:" There were 30 employees working when the criminals were sent. One of the boys told me that, because of impotence, they threw the boxes with the chickens on the thieves. "

Enrique, another neighbor, said that it is a business with a lot of movement: "You could see how much money they were moving, someday they would happen, I was in Ballester's march and it's very sad what happens, it's all equal sides ".


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