They granted the house arrest to the driver of Ahumada – – Diario de Mendoza, Argentina


Justice issued a jail sentence against Víctor Gómez, a driver of the Ahumada company that lost control of the unit on December 23, skidded and overturned Route 7, killing three passengers traveling from Santiago to Mendoza.

However, as requested by the defense, Judge Sebastián Sarmiento granted him the benefit of house arrest, under a bond of two million pesos.

Gomez will have to comply with the residential prison in Mendoza and will be monitored by means of an electronic ankle brace.

The driver, who is charged with aggravated homicide worsened by more than one victim, serious injuries and minor injuries, has been incarcerated since last Sunday, December 23 last.

That day, before 7 am, the group of Ahumada who directed Gomez and left Santiago de Chile with 47 passengers overturned with causes that are grounds for investigation at kilometer 1157 of Route 7, about 10 kilometers from the village. head of Uspallata.

The driver lost control of the steering wheel – a hypothesis he claims to have slept in – and broke several meters. Product of the felling that gave the unit, a woman of 35 years, its daughter of 3 and another child of 10 years died in the place.


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