Monday , April 19 2021

They found cocaine in the home of Xiomara Naomi's mother, the girl murdered in a kidnap

They found cocaine in the home of Xiomara Naomi's mother, the girl murdered in a kidnap

The house where Xiomara Naomí Mendez Morales lived with his mother, his stepfather and his uncle in Parque Avellaneda was invaded within the framework of a case that investigates a group of Peruvian and Bolivian drug traffickers. Inside, police found cocaine and marijuana.

The registry of the residence where the teenager kidnapped on Tuesday in Flores and found murdered the day after in Ituzaingó was part of a series of simultaneous incursions in the party of Buenos Aires of La Matanza and in the federal capital. In this way, it was clear that the focus of the investigation points to an adjustment of accounts.

During the punctual procedure at Xiomara's house they found remains of marijuana cigarettes, 10 grams of cocaine and two packets of coca leaves. In principle, for the seized quantity of drugs, it is believed that it was for personal consumption.

Two months ago began the investigation that, through the work of intelligence and secret monitoring, allowed in the last hours to identify the members of the organization, as well as their houses and the places where they maintained and sold the drugs.

Xiomara's parents are Peruvians and have origins for causes related to drug trafficking, as well as the current couple of women. Police sources said the band "operated in the cities of Villa Celina and Villa Las Achiras, in Matanzas, and Villa 20 de Capital" in Lugano.

The crime of Xiomara

The 15-year-old was kidnapped on Tuesday when she left school in Flores neighborhood in Buenos Aires. A man she knew, a sender, was waiting for her on the corner, so she did not hesitate to get into her car when she told her that her mother had sent her.

An hour later, Xiomara's family received the first call for extortion. The captors demanded 30,000 pounds of cocaine to free the girl. They only charged the money, but they did not release her, and around 5 am on Wednesday police found her body after an accident that ended in Ituzaingó.

Xiomara was in the backseat of the car in which she had been captured. They tied her up, she had a belt around her neck and duct tape in her mouth. He died of suffocation and does not rule out that he has been the victim of sexual abuse before his death. The two prisoners for the fact refused to testify.


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