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They forced the faithful to sell their homes and for the children to leave school to work


A bunch of evangelical pastors who, through different manipulation actions, forced their faithful to sell their houses to live in hordes of a kind of conventillo and demanded to work in a bakery without any kind of remuneration, was ruined in the last hours of several attacks carried out in different places in Buenos Aires by members of the Police of the province of Buenos Aires.

It is an organization that also forced the children of their followers to leave school and go out to sell the products made at that establishment, and whose leaders, leading a ostentatious life, had among their properties a farm in a club. and various rural establishments.


The operations were carried out by the Division of Trafficking in Persons, belonging to the Superintendent of Investigations on Illicit Drug Trafficking and Organized Crime of the Province Police, which arrested 26 people, including the alleged leader known as "Aunt Eva." "and his second, called" The Boss ".

The investigation that led to the dismantling of this criminal group began in December last year after a complaint filed by a 24-year-old girl in the Tax Assistance for Trafficking in Persons, Child Pornography and Hygiene of the Judicial Department of La Matanza.


According to her, when she was a teenager and lived in González Catán with her parents, they were captured by members of an evangelical temple known as "Philadelphia", with a seat in San Justo, a group that copied the name of another religious organization known for facilitate the seduction of the faithful.

The young woman also said that her parents began to become more and more involved in the religious sphere and abruptly changed their way of life until the leaders of this church, under psychological manipulations and supposed orders of God, convinced them to sell their property and give it to them. give them Money.


So they moved along with other members of the congregation into a sort of tenement, where they could not have contact with the rest of their family or friends. After that, they were forced to work in a church-owned bakery, whose products were sold in different corners of San Justo by the children of the faithful, who were not even allowed to go to school.

In addition, the girl denounced that children who refused to market fabricated ones, or those who disobeyed orders or refused to marry the people that the leaders chose for such union – according to the provisions of "by divine origin" They were forcibly transferred to camps in the interior of the Province, where they had to attend "Bible seminaries".

Because of this complaint, the investigations carried out undercover investigations and telephone lines intervened where they determined that the leaders of this group retained all the profits of those produced in the bakery, leading a life of luxury, who mistreated both physically and psychologically. the faithful and who gave him a minimum of food to survive.


They also found that the temple is a four-story building located in Centenera at 3700 San Justo, where leaders and "managers" lived, and that in another tenement building, located a few meters from the site, the parishioners resided. forced to perform maintenance, masonry and on-site cleaning.

In addition, police established that the bakery operates 24 hours in Anchoris at 4100 that city, which an annex of the church was in Juarez Celman 600 of Pontevedra, the feast of Merlo where the faithful were captured and then led to the temple "Philadelphia" – generally speaking, when they were experiencing emotional weakness – and that another temple with a bread maker was working at El Resero on the corner of the Bay of White.

Finally, they determined that the leaders had several rural settlements, one located at kilometer 36 of provincial route 88, at the General Alvarado party – for which the children and the uncontrollable were transferred – and a farm at a local field club at kilometer 129 of the provincial route 41, at the height of San Miguel del Monte.

"At the moment there are at least 12 proven facts of reducing to servitude, even one of the people slept at the foot of the bed to help at all times, but we do not rule out adding more cases," said one of the researchers. Due to this, 10 raids were carried out on these sites and other points, where 26 people were arrested, 13 men and 13 women of age; and almost $ 40,000 and more than 1 million pesos were seized.


Meanwhile, the numerals have also seized 17 vehicles (among cars, vans and SUVs), gold jewelry, 46 cell phones, 57 credit cards, notebooks, computers, flash drives, documentation and other items of interest to the cause. .

The cause is entitled Unlawful association in royal contest, with reduction to repeated servitude in twelve opportunities, people treated in repeated occasions in twelve opportunities and money laundering, (article 55), 140, 145 nos, 145 ter, inc. 1-4-5-6, last and last paragraph, art. 210 and 303, inc. 1 of the CP. In addition to this tax advice, headed by Dr. Liliana Pecorelli; The Court of Guarantees No. 1, by Dr. Mary Castillo, intervenes; both belonging to the Judicial Department of La Matanza.

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