They forbid to continue spreading medical parts of the femicide of Bariloche | Chronic


The Justice of Bariloche prohibited the authorities of the Zonal Hospital of that city to divulge to the press the medical reports on the state of health of Mariano Cordi, a prisoner accused of a murder committed against his former partner, Valeria Coppa, in front of the cathedral of that city.

Spokespersons from the institution's communication area reported that the judge Ricardo Calcagno He ordered the medical center to limit its medical parts only to the courts and to the parties directly concerned, such as its defense and the family. "The defense said its rights are affected", reported in this regard, the prosecutor who executes the case, Betiana Cendón.

Since last Friday, when Cordi was arrested in Valle del Chalhuaco, where he hid after the femicide committed last Tuesday, the police in Río Negro maintains a strong surveillance operation due to their extreme danger and in the prevention of possible manifestations of Coppa's friends and family.

Cordi remains hospitalized after being operated on by a head shot that presumably was made after the crime committed on Tuesday last week in front of Bariloche Cathedral.

Although it was found a few meters from the top of Cerro Carbón, in Valle del Chalhuaco, it was only noticed that he was semi-conscious and dehydrated, in the hospital it was determined that he had that injury.

For this reason, he was operated on and remains hospitalized in the intensive care unit, in an induced coma, with a stable artificial respirator, according to the first and only measure of the medical report released on Monday before the judicial restriction.


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