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They filmed "Nano" Leiva, head of the bar Coln :: El Litoral – News – Santa Fe – Argentina



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It was 2015 in the Animals Loose program. "In the last term of Cristina is very difficult to find something virtuous," he said,


The mother of the little Francisco spoke during the hearing of precautionary measures. The judge ordered the defendant to stay in jail. In addition, he requested tests to assess his mental health and receive psychological and psychiatric treatment.



It happened after suffering a cardiac episode during a recital in Buenos Aires.


Marcela Olmedo had to settle for three suspended sentences for those responsible for the bakery explosion in which her 20-year-old daughter died. It was within the framework of an abridged judgment that he signed as author.


Santa fe recover

The work required the meticulous work of 60 professionals, of whom 50 are from Santa Fe. It opens this Saturday afternoon, with the special presentation of the soprano Virginia Tola. 500 neighbors were invited to the act by the governor.



The Santa Fe Ministry of Education has announced that it will begin implementing a digital version.



Stairs, ceilings, windows and ornaments. Everything looks new, as it was thought and designed in 1910. Take a virtual tour of the House of Culture, a living monument recovered for the whole of Santa Fe.


They are looking for a family that adopts four brothers -

Minors are between 8 and 14 years old and do not want to be separated. They also seek a family for a 16 year old disabled and a 14 year old boy.

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