They featured a touch-screen alarm clock and Google's integrated assistant


Lenovo Smart Clock is a smart alarm clock that integrates Google's virtual assistant. With this touchscreen device, you can listen to music in various rooms, control your home, set up daily routines, and manage everything you need through voice commands.

The team sets out to compete with Amazon's Echo Spot and joins Lenovo's family of consumer devices such as Smart Display and Smart Home Essentials, which were launched last year.

The Lenovo Smart Clock has a four-inch touch display with a resolution of 480 × 800 pixels. The back is covered in a gray fabric, has USB pair to charge, microphone and speaker with Dolby technology.

It has wi-fi, bluetooth, 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage. This alarm clock will be available after mid-year and will be sold in the United States at $ 79.99.

This product is another example of the trend that was defining the course in recent years: the arrival of virtual assistants to more and more devices. They are present in cell phones, speakers, cameras and gadgets.

As at some point the touch screen has been the star interface of the equipment, little by little is turning to the voice commands. Although both technologies coexist today, it is possible that the voice ends up being the preferred interface.

Wizards are smarter, devices are easier to manage, and there's more and more information from users in the cloud, too. Personalization and automation are the hallmark of the technological revolution of these times.


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