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Saturday, December 08, 2018


During these days, the sky will be the stage of an astronomical spectacle. It is that a rain of stars occurs from this Friday 7 and until the next December 17. This is "the night of the Gemnids", a stellar phenomenon that captivates fans of astronomy. This will be the largest of 2018 and next to that the moon will intensify.

In this context, San Juan is the ideal setting to observe it. It is that the cleaning of the sky, far from the city lights, makes it look more splendid. Be a "show full", experts say. Among these, the doctor in astronomy of the Astronomical Observatory of Crdoba, Facundo Rodrguez, who recommended to see it of this province.

"He's away from the city lights and I remember when he observed the Gemnids as a student." It was impressive, "he told Clarn." The rain of stars will have its maximum activity on Thursday nights 13 and Friday 14 December, and it will be a natural spectacle of lights especially for the Northern Hemisphere.

As indicated, the ideal position to see this rain is to "lie down and turn the head pointing north". If we're standing, it's best to turn your back on the Gminis constellation, just to see the route of the stars, because from there If we focus on nothing else, let's just watch them leave. "

This year will also be "the night of the Gemnids". It is that although the day also happens, the moon will give an even brighter touch. "On December 15 (night of the 14th, the peak of the rain) there will be a quarter of increase, so it will be much more, because of the darkness, something that would not have happened on the full moon (which is 22, when the phenomenon is over), "he finished.


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