They discover people who live on the Moon March 24, 2019


Believe it or explode, but there are natural satellite images and videos that raise questions. Look at them on the note!

Some say that everything is a chain of lies. And others, on the other hand, claim they have been there for over 500,000 years. The certain thing is that certain forms that are visualized in the surface of the Luna to generate a controversy over the possibility that our natural satellite possesses alien civilizations and even human colonies that coexist in this selenite soil.

Some experts say that some lines of light that can be observed with any professional telescope and handled by scientists observing the universe, resembling large tubes that are illuminated in some way, could be semi-submerged on the surface, which is very similar to networks that are widespread on Earth.

Although NASA has continually denied any lunar base, it is known recently that a secret mission from that agency visited the Moon many years ago, but the dark side of the natural satellite, and for which recently a mission from China arrived.

That Yankee expedition, which could have happened in 1968, almost a year before the first landing on the moon in 1969 of the mission Apollo 11, was filtered on January 17, 2016, at Deepweb. It was known in the code under the name "Syn 25" and would show incredible cities exactly on the so-called "dark side" and whose evidence was taken by the astronauts in the lunar orbit. These potential land cities would have been created by NASA in partnership with the corporation T between 1965 and 1968. The filming of the channel Mystery.TV show the final results filmed by astronauts supposedly back to Earth.

There are still other photographs of the surface of the Moon in that region, very similar facilities that look like mining technology and habitats for extraterrestrials in the craters of the Moon and a strange facility that is almost half of the crater itself. All very incredible. Real? It's hard to believe everything you see. Of course, as the video shows, the dimensions look like chords.

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Of course, it is not just a territory that is apparently visited only by us. The aliens would also be standing on the moon for a long time. And there could even be mixed bases, both technological and military, that would confirm that the world powers have already lubricated relations with other civilizations.

Who confirms these versions? Only the latter mission of China, which brought to light detailed images of the public in a complex that looks like an artificial environment in the hidden part. This revelation, according to China, shows that secret operations are being carried out on the surface of our satellite.

This information was not denied by the NASA However, in the past, several astronauts have mentioned that several missions to the moon have been pursued by alien spacecraft, primarily not hostile. Meanwhile, several were those who claimed to have lived on these ground bases and allies of other races, claiming to have fought against other alien forces.

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True, there are many researchers, technicians, engineers, scientists, astronomers and specialists which since the very creation of NASA denounced dissimulations and lies to hide the truth. However, for the common public, these truths, for the time being, are just assumptions, with no chance of being unveiled.

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