Thursday , October 21 2021

They discover a new way to completely paralyze Windows 10


A new flaw discovered in Google Chrome may paralyze the operation of the Windows 10 operating system.

According to the Fossbytes media, the new blow causes Google Chrome to start consuming 100% of available memory.

The problem occurs when a user visits a particular Web page that prompts a warning that the computer has been infected by a virus. This is achieved through the use of JavaScript code that creates a repetitive cycle and makes it impossible to close the tab or browser.

Even if the box is closed and the option to lock additional dialogs is enabled on the page, the browser will not fail to go to the infected page, which makes it impossible to leave the vicious circle.

In such a way that the user only has two options to solve the problem. The first is to start the Task Manager and delete the process manually, finding it in the complete list of active processes. The second option is to restart the computer.

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In case you have this problem and resolve it by one of the suggested means, the magazine recommends that users do not re-establish closed pages in the browser if this option appears.

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