Sunday , March 7 2021

They detected a case of hantavirus in a prison: "Detainees barricade mice"

They detected a case of hantavirus in a prison:

A detainee serving a sentence at the 28th Penitentiary Unit in the province of Magdalena, Buenos Aires, contracted hantavirus and was taken to San Juan de Dios Hospital in La Plata, where he had "minor improvements", as learned . The case of Rubén Gómez, 40, alarmed the penitentiary authorities that reinforced the fumigation.

The CPM expressed concern about the incident and said in a statement that "detainees come to barricade their blankets so the mice do not enter their cells." Through a letter, the agency said that for weeks it warned what measures should be taken to prevent the spread of hantavirus in the presence of mice in prisons in Buenos Aires.

The prisoner is in intensive care with mechanical ventilation and responds favorably to the treatment, as confirmed by the director of Epidemiology of the province of Buenos Aires, Ivan Insúa.

It is not known the circumstances in which the prisoner contracted the disease, nor the conditions in which he was in prison. From the SPB they denied that there are "isolated or quarantined pavilions".

With this case there are already nine people infected in the province of Buenos Aires. It is different from those detected in Epuyén, since the contagion in Buenos Aires is from "rat to human" and not in an "interpersonal" way, as it happened in the south of the country.

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