They detect a virus for Android phones that infected 100,000 devices


Security on Google Play does not seem to be a guarantee, and this is a malicious program called MobSTSPY This has affected more than 100,000 Android devices in 196 different countries, stealing user data.

This virus was able to obtain the user's location, call records, hack files and even collect access credentials, which were filtered Google in different apps from the Play Store.

Computer security experts have reported that free applications such as the popular Flappy Bird, they were cloned and emphasize that it was through the updates that this malicious code was interned in the devices of users.

According to experts, the most worrying thing is that this malware bypassed Google's security protocols, and when the so-called MobSTSPY was installed, it checked the terminal connection to communicate with the server to extract the confidential data.

Another feature of this malicious file is that it performs phishing attacks inside the device, that is, it displays pop-ups on all types of web pages, in order to deceive its victims, indicating that it is necessary to login. Facebook or Google.

So far, it is not known exactly what group of hackers were responsible for this attack, but according to surveys, it appears that they operate from India and regions close to this country.

In turn, Google has already taken action and eliminated the applications involved, among which: Flappy Birr Dog, FlashLight, HZPermis Pro Arabic, Win7imulator and Win7 Launcher.

In addition, it was reported that the areas with the highest number of users affected by this situation United States, Europe, Middle East, and East Asia.


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