They carry out the main skills of the camp rape case – 08/01/2019


The five friends accused of raping a 14-year-old girl at a camp of Miramar, they were already detained for a week in the Batán Alcaranía, in the same pavilion, but in separate cells. And on Tuesday will be the skills that will be fundamental to define your procedural situation: DNA and toxicological tests. These analyzes will be instrumental in determining how many young people have abused the teenager and who they were.

These DNA tests will be done on the clothes of the accused and the girl, and also in the tent where the teenager was found by the parents and the van of the accused, kidnapped the same morning as the rape.

In addition, the result will not be immediate: It will take several days. The same will happen with the toxicological abilities, to understand if they acted under the effect of narcotic substances; and cell phones, to look for conversations or images that may be related to the fact.

The latest news of the case was the statement, this Friday, the teenager. He gave his testimony on the Gesell camera and according to the prosecution Florencia Salas, what he said Nothing has changed The grave accusation of detainees: sexual abuse with aggravated carnal access, which provides for up to 20 years in prison.

The five young people also stated last week. Two of them admitted having sex with the girl, but they asserted that it was "nonviolent." Two others claimed to have spent the night in the van in which they traveled, while the latter said he had slept in a chaise lounge outside the tent.

According to the reconstruction of the event, everything happened in the early hours of January 1st, in full celebration of the New Year. The victim had arrived one day earlier at the El Durazno camp, located in front of the sea and a few meters from the access to Miramar, with his parents, his brother and two friendly families. Meanwhile, the five young people camped in a wooded area of ​​the estate.

After a time of toasting at twelve o'clock, the girl's mother noticed her absence, began to look for her on the spot and found her in a tent, drunk and surrounded by men. He rescued her and immediately called the police, who arrested the five young people who from that moment on are in the 44th Director of Batán.


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