Friday , April 23 2021

They arrested the woman who hid flames in a baby's clothing to enter the Monumental

In the video that has become viral, she can be seen as a dedicated supporter of the River with dedication several flames under the shirt of minor to enter the Monumental stadium mocking the caches and the operation of prevention.

After conducting an investigation in the last few hours, the City Attorney ordered this Sunday detention of the woman and of attacking her property.

The promoter Adriana Bellavigna, in charge of the Office of the Prosecutor for Crimes, Prosecution and Delegate No. 6, initiated an investigation with the intervention of the Judicial Investigation Agency of the City (CIJ), belonging to the Public Ministry.

With this task entrusted by the prosecutor, the CIJ was able to recognize the woman and the minor involved that is seen in the video, through the use of image processing software and research tasks in open data networks and social networks.

The city's judicial investigation body (CIJ) was able to identify the people and their address, and submitted expert reports to the prosecutor. With these data, prosecutor Bellavigna requested the arrest warrant.

The woman is accused of the crime of endanger the life of the child to whom they have a duty to protectpunishable by articles 106 and 107 of the Penal Code

The sponsor, with the assistance of the City Youth Council, has sought the protection of the child involved for their protection, and that the Assessment can assess whether the child may be in danger under the custody of identified adults.

In the task of identification by the Judicial Investigation Body, image processing software and working with open networks of data and social networks were fundamental. Thus, in the images searched, it was possible to detect the use of a watch on the person who placed the flares on the newer, object that was observed in another image in a social network associated with those identified.

The judge ruled do not spread the parents name to protect the identity of the minor to whom the flames were attached.

It was both the repudiation for the controversial video of the woman that put at risk to the smaller that the images arrived at the international printed media, like the Spanish sports newspapers Marca and As.

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