They arrested the ex-councilman accused of provoking his girlfriend to abort – 17/04/2019


The councilman of the city of San Javier, in Santa Fe, who on Tuesday resigned his bank suspected of causing miscarriage, was arrested Wednesday by order of prosecutor Francisco Cecchini.

The arrest of Cristian Sartor finally, it was completed in the town of Helvecia, about 60 miles from San Javier, when traveling to the city of Santa Fe.

From there, Sartor was transferred to the headquarters of the XIV Regional Unit, available to the Justice and it is expected that this Wednesday at noon he will be taken to the courts of the provincial capital, where the imputation hearing will be held.

How could you know Clarin, the arrest was made after testimony collected by the family prosecutor and the victim he interviewed in the private sanatorium where he is hospitalized.

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The case shakes San Javier and the region. It all began at sunrise on Sunday. The 30-year-old woman who studied a 20-week pregnancy, had to be transferred from the Sanjavierino hospital to a clinic in Santa Fe for a hemorrhage.

Hours later, her state of health worsened and on the same day she lost her pregnancy in the private sanatorium in the provincial capital, where she is currently. hospitalized under sensitive conditions.

Following this situation, the victim's relatives filed a complaint against the councilor at the San Javier Women's Commissariat to investigate the presumed administration of an abortion pill without the consent of the woman or other type of action that caused the dramatic result.

The local repercussion of the case began to take on magnitude and the councilman Cristian Sartor, who had taken over in 2017 by the Front for Change and was vice-president 2nd of the Municipal Council, resigned from your bank. His place will be occupied by Brenda Ramos.

Mayor Mario Migno said they knew of the case on Monday and met immediately. "The decision was made to call the person involved and we ask that you resignwhat did he do. We are not willing to admit or accept in our team that these things happen, "he explained.

Sartor's impersonal hearing is scheduled for 12:30 p.m. and he is expected to know details of the crimes he accuses the former councilor of.

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