Thursday , October 21 2021

They arrested six lifeguards for a protest and launched a strike across the province "Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata


Six lifeguards were arrested this afternoon when they staged a protest on the coast to complain about the lack of staff at a city spa.

The workers, from the Union of associated lifeguards (UGA), cut off access to the beach resort of Cabo Largo, located in the south of the city, where they rejected the owner's decision not to hire three lifeguards that, according to the UGA, are necessary.

The detainees, including the renowned surfer Agostina Pellizari, They were transferred to the fifth police station in Punta Mogotes, where the rest of the lifeguards then went to demand their release. In addition, they said that if there is no immediate response, it will be announced by the Federation of Buenos Aires, a life-saving strike across the province of Buenos Aires.

"We went to the spa to demonstrate and the police arrived in a very violent way and arrested six comrades. Some of them were bloody," said UGA Secretary General Luciano Grimaldi.
Regarding the allegation, Grimaldi said the Cabo Largo resort has "fewer lifeguards than required and the employer refuses to hire them."


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