Saturday , October 23 2021

They arrested 23 members of the Pathways of Drug Violence in Rosario


Special operations troops (TOE) invaded the last hours in 27 key points for detectives investigating the sale of drugs in Rosario. There, the police detained 23 members of the Pathways, put another 21 people at the disposal of Justice and kidnapped 2,000 doses of cocaine and marijuana.

When the simultaneous attacks were concluded, the judge of first instance of Rosario, Jose Luis Suárez, decided Pretrial detention for at least 60 days of detainees for "usurpation, coercion and possession of arms".

For their part, prosecutors Viviana O & # 39; Connel and José Luis Caterina stated that the roads were part of an "illicit association", but the magistrate declared himself incompetent in this accusation, considering that this crime has "Undoubted connection with the marketing of narcotics" and that is why it should be investigated by the Federal Court.

Those involved were: Alexis Damián Caminos – leader of the chain, Andrés Caminos, Karen Bruno, Emiliano Sosa, Matías Rodríguez, Karen Caminos, Alan Sosa, Maximiliano Verón, Micaela Faure, Clara Jaime, Esteban Giménez, Mariela Urraco, Fidel Caminos, Antonella Caminos, Matías Caminos, Lucas Benítez, Nélida Cayetana Aguirre, Dalma Magalí Aguirre, Tamara Pamela Maradona, Ramón Darío Alegre, Cristiano Urraco, Juan Manuel Almada and Kevin Duarte.

The Paths confronted Funes with blood and fire to gain territory in Rosario. In this drug war, which has been taking place for three years, the killers on both sides have killed 28 people.

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