These are the three ways to know if they blocked you in WhatsApp


Do you want to find out if any of your contacts puts you on WhatsApp's "blacklist"? With these three simple steps, you can find out if it has been blocked in the messaging application.

Whatsapp, the popular instant messaging application, among its actions, allows you to block the number you want so that a contact can not connect with you, a function that is not notified directly.

But there are three very simple steps for users to find out if they have been blacklisted for any of your contacts. Now we tell you what you need to do to know who blocked you.

1) The profile image of the contact may be a sign that you have been blocked. If you notice that the photo stops refreshing, you are in the oven …

2) Another indication is to check if the other person is online. Your profile indicates the last connection date. If you see this & # 39; online & # 39; means that you have not been blocked; but nevertheless, we may suspect that we are not connecting for a long time …

3) Finally, if you try to add the contact to a group, but receive an error, it is a clear sign that you have been blocked.

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